RAGNAR LOTHBROK: The Incredible Story of The Viking King (BEST BIOGRAPHY)


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Many believe that Ragnar Lothbrok (in some cases called Ragnar Lodbrok) was a Viking who rose to prominence and had great influence during the Viking Age (800-1066 AD). The exact history of his life and actions are somewhat unclear as they are mixed with legend and lore. He was almost certainly a King with power over a group of people. He was also reportedly a strong warrior of great aspirations that may have raided Ireland in the earliest years of the Viking period.

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Ancient Norse sagas and various Latin historical chronicles describe Viking raids that befell Ireland from 832-845. Saxo Grammaticus, a Christian Dane historian, believes that it was Ragnar Lothbrok who planned and executed the invasions of Ireland. However, two more modern historians, John O’Donovan and Charles Haliday, disagree with that assessment. They believe that it was another Viking, Turgesius, who may have led raids on Ireland in 837, and not Ragnar Lothbrok.


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