Quick and Easy 20 Minute Meals (Delicious Mini Book Book 4)

Written by June Kessler

Twenty minutes is not very long .So can you cook a great meal in only 20 minutes? Well yes you can. And this is just the book you need to show you how to do it. When you need an awesome and different meal or just surprise your family with something special. All you need are easy, no fuss recipes. Breakfast you can buzz in a blender you can prepare and pack in next to no time., and suppers that raise your sprits without sapping all your energy, you may have had a long hard day. You need food that looks as good as it tastes, but that doesn’t require you to slave in the kitchen for hours. If you are entertaining, you want to do it in style. But with out missing more than a few minutes of you guests company. You will find it very rewarding and nutritious to serve at great meal that you have cooked yourself from scratch, with ease.
Time is a precious luxury these days with our hectic lives. Putting good food on the table should be in there somewhere, but sometimes it difficult to achieve. There is no a rule to what constitutes a meal. You can have soup and a toasted sandwich one day a stir-fry the next. Or a sophisticated delicious treat like pan-fried steaks with whiskey and cream sauce, on a Friday night or when you have friends or guests over to share with you, (you will be known as the chef of the year)
When raising my daughter I found most families didn’t even cook dinner anymore, although I always worked long hard hours as a taxi driver, we always found time to experiment with new recipes. And we always had an awesome dinner on the table; all the kids in the neighborhood new where dinner was being served. Now I have two grandsons who are also learning the importance of family and friends bonding together by eating meals and sharing our day’s events together. The time you spend with your family and friends is priceless.


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