Project Bloodborn – Book 1: WOLF MAN: A werewolves & shifters novel.

Written by Craig Zerf
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Brenner is not a werewolf…

He is the result of a secret US Army experiment. The creation of a government controlled Super Soldier.

And no one asked if he wanted to take part.

So, he escaped. And for the last fifty years has been living in the backroads and the small unknown towns of America. Never aging. Searching for a cure. At the same time avoiding the dark ops experts who are looking for him.

But just because he can become a seven foot, four hundred pound killing machine, it doesn’t mean that Brenner is bad. In fact, he sticks to a strict code.

And like the High Plains drifters of old, anyone who crosses the Wolfman’s code is sure to suffer.

They took his humanity … and now it’s time for payback.

Author’s note …

“I was looking to create a character that brought to mind the high plains drifters of old. A western hero that rode into town on a dark horse, delivered justice and retribution in equal measure and then rode off into the sunset. A modern-day gunslinger with a dark secret. I hope that I did the premise justice.”

Praise for Craig Zerf …

“This is an exciting story written by a master…can’t wait to read more by this author! What if this story really happened! Wow.”

“This book is sheer Perfection! It has everything. Brenner’s story makes you sad then happy, scared and anxious then shouting and cheering. One moment you are crying and the next you can’t stop laughing. Craig Zerf is definitely now on my list of favorite authors. Do yourself a favor and buy this book!”

“Violent and exciting. The characters make no excuses, they are monsters and violence is their trade. Despite this the main character is likeable and interesting. This book is a fast, fun read, and I am looking forward to more from the author.”

“Mr. Zerf, I must compliment you on each and every one of the stories in this series! Words like exceptional, outstanding, gripping, unrelenting, engaging and yes enthralling simply are NOT enough to do these stories justice.” 

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Project Bloodborn is a Shapeshifter, Werewolf novel. It should be popular for all those searching for Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Ghosts, Magic and Psychics.


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