Project – 16 (Tales from the Brink)

Written by Martyn J. Pass
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Miller is the last Englishman. It’s not a title he enjoys because it means that whenever the looters and the treasure hunters come across the Atlantic to the ruins of his country, it’s his job to hunt them down. That is, if the packs of wild dogs don’t kill them first. Or the collapsing buildings. Or the disease.

Miller soon finds himself helping a former US Ranger, Claudia Riley, hunt for her missing nephew who’s disappeared somewhere in England. The US want him found too – him and his Russian girlfriend who they suspect are planning to stage a terrorist attack from one of the many underground bunkers that now lie empty. All is not what it seems however as they soon find themselves under attack from a US jet that leaves Riley critically injured.

Bringing all his training and survival skills to bear, Miller has to keep the US Ranger alive despite the sudden onset of a harsh winter and the roaming packs of starving dogs. He finds, however, that his love for her might also be the death of him.

Can they hope to complete their mission or will the powers behind the real terror attack get to them first? And can Miller dare to hope that in the overgrown wastelands of England he might find happiness at last?


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