Productivity Project 21 day: Learn how to increase your productivity and efficiency in just 21 days Authored by Success Daily Read

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You work hard. You slog away for hours at your job, day after day, and yet you still never seem to get it all done. You’re stressed, you’re burnt out and you’ve had enough of this. Other people seem to get things done with ease, but you’re still struggling and there doesn’t seem to be any time left over for you?

So what do you do? What’s the solution to the problem that’s been nagging at you for most of your adult life? How do the successful people manage to fit so much into their days?

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling this way and asking these questions, then you have come to the right place. In this book, we discuss the secrets of productivity and best of all, how you can over-haul your life in just 21 days!

Complete with a comprehensive guide to beating productivity, writing affirmations, streamlining your morning routine and making the most of every single hour, this book has everything you need to get going again.

Inside, you’ll find worksheets, questions to get you thinking, plus pages and pages of great information from someone who has been there and walked down the same road. Clear, concise and easy to read, this might just be the answer that you’ve been looking for!


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