Processed Free: A real food guide to eating healthy

Written by Robin Konie

Food is essential to life. Good food nourishes, provides energy, and repairs the body. Bad food does quite the opposite. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, and other modern diseases are running rampant as we hand our food over to the industrial world. People are becoming increasingly aware that what we eat does play a huge role in our health and vitality. But in a world saturated with savvy marketing tactics designed to keep us consuming fake food counterfeits, is it any wonder that most people feel stressed and confused about the food they should be eating?

Processed Free is the stress-free guide to healthy eating. This is not about low-fat diets, dangerous juice fasts, or restrictive approaches to eating. This book reveals how a back-to-basics approach to our food is essential to longevity and good health. Looking through the lens of a satisfying real food diet, eating healthy becomes more than just feeling good… it becomes enjoyable, too!

Processed Free is divided into two sections. Part I describes some of the common hurdles people face when trying to decide how to eat healthy. You’ll learn about the current state of the food system and why your best efforts to eat healthy and lose weight may be thwarted. Part II is a practical handbook that will help you make the best choices for your health. It’s a simple, stress-free approach. Learn the best first steps in moving away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) and creating lasting changes that will give you more energy and improve your health for good! From meal planning, to learning how to navigate your own kitchen, to what to look for at the grocery store, Processed Free is your simple guide to healthy eating.


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