PHP MYSQL: In 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast! PHP Programming Language Crash Course, A Quick Start Guide, Tutorial Book with Hands-On Projects, In Easy Steps! An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide!

Written by Ray Yao
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This book is a useful book for beginners. You can learn complete primary knowledge of PHP & MySQL fast and easily.
The book includes many practical Hands-On Projects. You can learn PHP MySQL coding fast with Hands-On Projects.

Table of Contents

Hour 1 Start PHP

Hour 2 PHP Basic

Hour 3 Use Array

Hour 4 Form Basic

Hour 5 Dynamic Data

Hour 6 Class & Object

Hour 7 MySQL Basic

Hour 8 MySQL & PHP

Appendix PHP MySQL Security Hands-On Projects

Appendix PHP MySQL Tests & Answers


PHP MySQL Source Code for Download

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