Photography: Learn How to Take Brilliant Photos with your Smartphone

Written by Brian Pilts
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Learn How to Take Brilliant Photos with your Smartphone

This book will help you become a pro in taking brilliant photos with your smartphone’s camera. Who says smartphone cameras aren’t all that great?

Smartphone cameras are being upgraded each year so that users can capture the beauty that is life. But only a few actually know how to use these camera upgrades because most people are not aware of the actual power of smartphone cameras. With this book, you will learn how to tweak and fix the settings of your smartphone camera, as well as accessories to help aid in taking brilliant photos anytime, anywhere.

Make the most out of your smartphone camera’s ability with the help of setting tweaks listed in this book. Take brilliant photos with only your smartphone’s camera by knowing the right settings to tweak and the right things to edit. Learn how exposure works and how different lenses and angles affect even a single subject.

  • Wondering how to keep your photos crisp and sharp? This book teaches you how to kiss those blurred blues goodbye, giving you only brilliantly sharpened photos with only a bit of tweaking. Smartphone photography seems like a complicated way for you to produce brilliant photos, but the steps to take your great photos are fairly simple.

    Take your photography knowledge to the next level with this book’s list of photography terms. Expand your photography vocabulary and use these newfound terms to aid you in taking brilliant photos with your smartphone’s camera.

  • Learn which lens to use under what setting to perfectly capture your desired scenery. Also, learn how powerful your smartphone’s camera is with the list of phone camera specs and learn how you can use these specs to maximize your phone’s camera powers. Brilliant photos are not taken in just a blink of an eye, but it’s easy to tweak your phone’s camera to achieve that effect.

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