Phase 6

Written by Paul Teague
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A deadly plague. A decaying city. A sinister force ready to step into the void …

Alex Brady is in denial.

His girlfriend Audra has disappeared, his father is being held in prison and he still thinks it will all turn out fine.

But his friends Deena and Carlos know better, and they can see the writing on the wall.

What with the compulsory vaccination programme, the increased presence of the sinister Fortrillium and a world that’s falling to pieces around them, they know this is the endgame.

When Alex receives a desperate message from Audra, he knows that the time has come to take action.

He must break into Fortrillium’s sprawling HQ and discover the ugly truth about what’s happening behind closed doors.

What he finds there could herald the end of civilization … they’re in Phase 6 of a global plague.

It’s the final days that are the most deadly …

About the book …

Phase 6 is Paul Teague’s seventh sci-fi/dystopian novel.

It takes place after the events in The Secret Bunker Trilogy and years before the terrifying world of The Grid Trilogy.

It’s the ideal way to start reading the series if you like your sci-fi/dystopian novels non-stop action and wall-to-wall intrigue.


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