Paradise Valley Mysteries 2 Boxed Set: Books 4 to 6 plus a BONUS Short Story (Paradise Valley Mysteries Box Set)

Written by Debra Burroughs
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

This boxed set contains The Pursuit of Lies: Book 4, The Betrayal of Lies: Book 5,The Harbor of Lies: Book 6 – plus a BONUS Short Story(best read after reading Book 4).
Emily Parker is a sassy young private investigator in the affluent small town of Paradise Valley, who has been uncovering clues that her late husband was not who he said he was. Her business is growing, as is her relationship with the handsome police detective, Colin Andrews. With the help of her close circle of girlfriends and the sexy police detective, Emily takes on one case after another as Colin tries to convince her to stop throwing herself into the center of danger and marry him.
A captivating series, full of romance, mystery,and intrigue. Think “Stephanie Plum” meets “Nancy Drew”.
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Paradise Valley Mysteries Boxed Set #1, includes The Scent of Lies, The Heart of Lies, The Chain of Lies, and a Bonus Short Story, The Edge of Lies.
The Lake House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 1, With her life going from bad to worse, reporter Jenessa Jones is drawn back to her small hometown by a homicide investigation that ends up pointing the finger at someone she loves.
The Stone House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 2, Reporter Jenessa Jones is knee deep in a scandalous murder investigation when her police detective boyfriend’s ex-wife comes back to town and throws a monkey wrench into their budding romance. 

The Boat House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 3,   

***The Paradise Valley Mysteries***
The Scent of Lies: Book 1
The Heart of Lies: Book 2
The Edge of Lies: A Bridge Short Story between Books 2 and 3, the story of Evan & Emily
The Chain of Lies: Book 3
The Pursuit of Lies: Book 4 
The Color of Lies: a Bridge Short Story between Books 4 and 5,the story of Colin & Miranda
The Betrayal of Lies: Book 5
The Harbor of Lies: Book 6

The House of Lies: Book 7
(*Most enjoyable if these books are read in order.)
Three Days in Seattle,  When LA photographer Kate McAllister flies to Seattle in search of her missing sister, she finds irresistible real estate agent Ryan instead. Soon the two are entwined in a vengeful murder plot — and a simmering love affair…. (A light Romantic Suspense in the Emerald City)


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