Origins (The Orphans Book 1)

Written by Mike Evans
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

It isn’t often you get to see the Origins of what makes a hero and what events take place that makes that happen. The Orphans Series is exactly that, see the hero that will risk everything in his power to attempt to save humanity.
A pent up rage for the zombies that have turned the living into the minority has left him feeling responsible.
A decade ago was when Shaun introduced the couple who fell in love and because of that the events that caused the zombie outbreak were initiated.
The fact that it was his own father is something that he is barely able to deal with on a daily basis. Book one explains where, why, and when the outbreak happened, watch as his town and state are torn apart by zombies like you’ve never read about before and follow him along his path to achieving greatness and taking the world back in the series The Orphans


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