Only Wrong Once: A Suspense Thriller

Written by Jenifer Ruff

“Stunning, terrifying, and unforgettable.” – D. Carrigan, Author of Memphis 1873

A sinister experiment outside Aleppo.

Two mysterious deaths: one in LA, one in Boston, each with the same horrific symptoms.

In Los Angeles, FBI counterterrorism agent Quinn Traynor receives an urgent call from CDC agent, Madeline Hamilton. She’s discovered the first victim of a lethal, unfamiliar virus. Their joint investigation uncovers an imminent bio-terror attack and their only hope is to identify the terrorists carrying the disease. With just two days remaining before it’s too late, the FBI and the CDC race to prevent a pandemic. The ensuing nightmare will hit closer to home than they ever anticipated and one of them will pay an unimaginable price for protecting the country.

“Jenifer Ruff does an outstanding job of weaving personal stories in the lives of the characters amidst the action. This book will keep you glued to the pages from beginning to end, wondering what will happen next.” – Susan Mills Wilson, author of Hunt for Redemption

“The story is riveting, the characters are well-drawn, and the plot moves at break-neck speed. Be prepared to be mesmerized. You won’t put the book down until you get to the end.” – Reita Pendry, author of Discovering Grace.

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