One Green Omelet, Please!

Written by Sally Huss

“It was Sunday morning and after church
When Jenny and her family went out for brunch.
Honey’s was their choice of a restaurant that day.
It was busy and raucous, but they decided to stay.
After waiting an hour, a table was had
It was noisy and crowded, ‘It’s perfect!!’ said Dad.
They sat down and all were given a menu.
It wasn’t a fancy place, more a family venue.
And the food that was offered was equally plain,
But here and there were dishes that appeared not quite sane —
Like a Swami Bowl of nuts, yogurt, granola, and masses of fruit
With a dash of bee pollen in coconut soup…”
This is a delightfully delicious story that points out the benefits of mindful eating, while adding dollops of fun and gratitude.


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