North Korea: History of North Korea: Discover how North Korea becomes the most mysterious, secretive and belligerent nation

Written by Mark Thompson
Category: · History

North Korea is a tiny country that for decades was virtually ignored by most of the rest of the world. They have little of economic significance, are unwelcoming of tourism and do not occupy an area of particular geo political significance. Combined with the fact that their history has been totally dominated by one dynastic family since the country’s conception, and given that that family view most of the world with deep suspicion, it comes as no surprise that it has not become a country that has attracted outsiders.

North Korea may have well continued to remain isolated and virtually ignored were it not for their recent nuclear and missile testing programs. Suddenly this forgotten little country has become the center of international attention. Whether this unexpected emergence into the spotlight was by design or not is difficult to tell. The dynastic leadership all seem to have resented the fact that they were never deemed worthy enough to warrant a place at the main table of international recognition, and now they seem to be determined to take that place by force. For decades, other countries have drawn international attention through conflict, disaster or economic might. North Korea, on the other hand, lost two million people to famine in the 1990s and the rest of the world did not even blink. They have the fourth largest standing army on the planet and yet militarily, until the testing began in earnest, they were virtually disregarded.

This book will give an insight into how North Korea came into existence and why it harbors such deep grudges against some countries, especially the United States, Japan and its more successful sibling, South Korea.

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