No Smoke Without A Fire (The Cougar Club Book 1)

Written by Bobbie C. Bandy
Category: · Romance

Bitter and wary of men after her husband leaves her for a younger woman, forty-year-old ER nurse Beth Sawyer has decided dating isn’t an option. That is until an arsonist’s fire brings Jackson Stanton—a strong, handsome, twenty-seven-year-old fireman—to her trauma unit. Despite loathing the title of “Cougar”, Beth finds her attraction to Jackson too strong to resist.

It seems simple at first—a fun fling with the added bonus of payback to her ex-husband. But the more Beth dates Jackson, the stronger her emotions grow. So, too, does the arsonist’s death toll. When suspicion for the fires lands on Jackson, Beth must determine if the man she’s falling for is out to set her body and heart on fire…or if he has her marked as his next victim.


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