Written by John Reinhard Dizon

Breaking Bad meets Batwoman in this wild, action-packed vigilante adventure from bestselling author John Reinhard Dizon.

Watch out villains and criminals, there’s a new superhero in town.

After her father’s death, Sabrina Brooks, the heiress to the Brooks Chemical Company, tries to put the pieces of her life back together. With access to top-secret government archives and her own interest and knowledge of chemistry, Sabrina concocts weaponry of her own, becoming a crime-fighting vigilante known as the “Nightcrawler,” battling the filthy drug gangs of New York.

With the help of NYPD undercover officer, Hoyt Wexford, Sabrina wages a war against the ruthless drug dealers threatening the streets of the city. But even with their resourcefulness and teamwork, can they take the fiendish arch-criminals out once and for all?


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