New Kings of Tomorrow (The Order of Chaos Series Book 1)

Written by J.M Clark
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy


“His writing is haunting, honest, and refreshing. There are echoes of Stephen King in his character development, and an understanding of the human condition that is sometimes uncanny.”

Twenty years ago, Jacob lost everything. Just as he was starting to figure out life as a college freshman, his world was suddenly shattered when a devastating illness destroyed the world he once knew and claimed the lives of everyone that mattered to him.

Jacob and the other survivors of the pandemic were transported to the Palace Program. Housed in a quarantined modern facility, the Palace is a perfect community designed to protect them from the sickness that wiped out ninety-five percent of the world population.

The Order, which has risen as the new ruling power, and believes the desires of the old world were responsible for its collapse. They appoint Sirus, the program director, to rehabilitate the survivors and continue with the reproduction of mankind.

As the years go by and Jacob’s relationships in the Palace become more complex, he slowly begins to see that the man-made utopian society is nothing close to a perfect tomorrow, but is instead an unfathomable deception.

New Kings of Tomorrow is a high intensity, self-introspective journey through a dystopian world on the brink of a revival or implosion. This book is Handmaid’s Tale, Under the Dome, The Dark Tower, and The Maze Runner intertwined into a page turning thriller that is sometimes scary and enlightening.


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