Never Going to Happen: Who watches the watchers?

Written by Anders Teller
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Tom Anthony is out of hospital after four months. That’s the good news. The bad news is that he can’t remember the car accident that put him there. And why is his girlfriend so edgy? Is she on his side or not? Why is his former neighbour so hostile?

Convalescing in an English village, Tom is amazed at the convulsions that have followed the latest US election and Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. When a journalist friend offers him the chance to report on these things, he cautiously agrees – then starts to wonder if his research is uncovering links to his mysterious accident.

Enter Emily – appealing but elusive. What is her agenda? Will his interest in her thwart his search for the truth? Then there’s Tom’s former boss, reluctant to let him move on, and desperate to keep his business ticking over. Soon Tom finds himself rushing round the country, searching for answers as he strives to re-engage with his life.

Gradually he starts to see the bigger picture – and it’s a frightening one of shadowy people intent on changing the course of history. The more he learns, the more determined they seem to be to keep him silent. The pace builds relentlessly as he gets the measure of what he’s dealing with.

Never Going to Happen is a whirlwind of a novel, lunging at breakneck speed through a series of surprises and reverses towards a conclusion that stuns Tom on a personal level, and shocks him in terms of what he now knows. Along the way, it sparkles with vibrant characters and dialogue, intrigue, suspense and romance.

If you like a fast-moving mystery drama that keeps you completely engrossed, you’ll love this. If you also enjoy an absorbing, contemporary what-if political thriller with an intelligent and thought-provoking slant, it’s tailor-made for you.


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