My Worst Thanksgiving Ever: A PanAmerican Tragedy (Bridges Book 3)

Written by Michael Mangold MD

What would YOU do if your child was abducted in a foreign country?

This true story recounts an American doctor’s tragic Thanksgiving in Managua, Nicaragua searching for his son Ben who was abducted by the U.S. embassy there. Dr. Mangold endured multiple muggings during his search and was eventually imprisoned in an Immigration detention center while the embassy flew in his ex-wife to pick up Ben.

Michael Mangold M.D. and Ben were pawns in a cosmic chess game between U.S. government officials and Mike’s Nemesis. All he had was a handful of C√≥rdobas and the truth against an unlimited amount of money and power.

It is the “Story of Job” without an overcompensating God, and “The Odyssey” without the love and support of an awaiting Penelope. It is a true tale of good and evil and how the evil that people do has consequences for eternity.


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