Mug Recipes Cookbook : 50 Most Delicious of Mug Recipes (Mug Recipes, Mug Recipes Cookbook, Mug Cookbook, Mug Cakes, Mug Cakes Cookbook, Mug Meals, Mug Cookbook) (Easy Recipes Cookbook 1)

Written by Denny Levin

Mug Recipes Cookbook

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In recent months, mug cooking has taken the recipe world by storm. Popular do-it-yourself websites and recipe pin boards are awash with new possibilities for meals, snacks and desserts that work well for mug cooking. It is no surprise that many aspiring home chefs are excited to try these interesting and fun food combinations; many mug recipes require few ingredients, very little time, and only basic cooking skills. If you can add ingredients into a mug and stir, you can become an expert at mug cooking in no time. Even better, most can be prepared in an ordinary ceramic coffee mug and a microwave, and clean-up is quick and easy!
These simple qualities make mug cooking the perfect option for so many different lifestyles: busy commuters can prepare healthy and quick breakfasts that travel, moms can teach their children basic cooking skills and enable them to craft their own treats, and college students can whip up tasty late night treats without even leaving their dorm rooms. It sounds almost too good to be true, but with the recipes collected here, you can prepare your very own home made meals in just minutes.
So, you are probably wondering how to get started with mug cooking… Fortunately, it is incredibly easy! For most of the recipes in this collection, you will only need an ordinary heat safe ceramic mug, and simple utensils.
If you are unsure if your mug is heat safe, check for a stamp or marking on the bottom that indicates it can be placed in the microwave. Porcelain mugs work great, but you should check to make sure your mug is free of any chips or cracks that may weaken it when microwaving. Also, do not forget that you must never place metal of any kind inside the microwave, including aluminum or tinfoil. Check to make sure your mug does not have a decorative metallic rim, as this may cause sparks or smoking while cooking.
A quick note about cooking times: as microwaves often have different levels of cooking power, you may occasionally discover that your microwave requires slightly more cooking time, or slightly less. The times provided in these recipes are our best estimates based on trial and error. However, because these recipes all involve very short cooking times, the risk of ruining your concoction is very low. If you find that your food is slightly underdone, return your mug to the microwave for short intervals until it is finished.
The recipes in this collection cover many different types of cuisines and even dietary needs. While the most popular recipes for mug cooking are typically desserts, as cakes and brownies work exceptionally well in small microwaved containers, this collection also includes savory recipes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, ranging from the most simple (just four ingredients!) to slightly more complex variations you can customize with your favorite flavors and toppings. With a bread recipe for those on a gluten-free diet, there really is something tasty for every palate in this anthology.
With mug cooking, the possibilities are nearly endless. In addition to the 50 delicious and fun recipes in this collection, we hope you will be inspired to try to customize your own mug cooking recipes and discover your hidden kitchen talents.


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