Moving On: A Sweet Romance About Love & Second Chances In A Beautiful Scottish Castle (Second Chance series)

Written by Maggie Fox

Lucy’s life is a mess. It’s official.

Her childhood sweetheart ex-boyfriend just walked out on his wedding, telling everyone it’s because he’s still in love with Lucy – even though they broke up a long time ago!

Desperate for a place to escape to while the dust dies down, Lucy gets the chance to spend two weeks in a luxury castle in the Scottish highlands – for free. The catch? She has to be a last minute replacement contestant on a reality TV series about relationships.

It can’t be that bad being part of a TV show, can it?

Actually, yes it can…

The only good part in the whole disaster seems to be Liam, the intriguing and handsome Scottish Laird who owns the castle. Lucy senses there’s a spark between them, but the reality show’s director has made it perfectly clear that Liam is strictly off limits to the Love Programme’s contestants.

With her ex now pursuing her across the country, Lucy has some serious soul searching to do when it comes to matters of the heart.

Will the Love Programme be able to help her find true love?

Do you enjoy fun and flirty romantic comedies packed with warmth, charm and intrigue? Then you’ll love Moving On. Join Lucy today as she tries to figure out life, love and relationships in an impressive castle in the middle of the stunning Scottish Highlands…


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