Mossad: The Hidden Secrets of Israel’s Secret Service

Written by Alexander Stone

Discover the untold secrets of Israel’s Secret Service

All over the world, there are intelligence agencies dedicated to the protection of their respective countries and the people who reside within them. Israel is no exception and their Mossad is one of the most respected and world renowned organizations in the world. Their tactics may be viewed as on the borderline of legal and illegal, but the measures they take to ensure the security of their State and their people are done so cautiously and meticulously. This book will cover the founding of the Mossad and detail some of their most notoriously famous and successful missions. As with any human-led institution, there are bound to be mistakes made and this book will detail some of the Mossad’s most famous errors. From start to finish, this book will educate and enthrall the reader with historic accounts of missions assigned and completed by the Mossad. It will also discuss the relationships it has built with the United States and what mission the Mossad took on to help establish a long-lasting comradery between the two countries.

This book will detail some infamous assassinations accredited to the Mossad as well as describe some of their most embarrassing failures. In addition to their notable operations, the book will cover a former operative’s perspective on the agency and will discuss his reasons for leaving as well as how he sees things regarding the State of Israel in an entirely new light. This book will detail the extent to which the Mossad would go to in order to obtain information about a target, or apprehend a target. Additionally, this book will detail the capture, trial and execution of two of the world’s most notorious Nazi war criminals.

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn:

-What is the Mossad and what do they do?
-How the Mossad was formed
-Former and current heads of the Mossad
-Missions they’ve taken
-High profile assassinations
-Highly publicized and criticized mistakes they’ve made
-Confessions of a former agent
-How the Mossad humiliated the Soviet Union
-The Six Day War

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