Money Paths – 6 Real Ways to Make Money as a Life Coach

Written by Christie Mims
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Do you want to know exactly how much money you can expect to make as a life coach?

Are you worried about wasting time and money on your new business?

Imagine getting excited about a hosting a coaching retreat, plunking down a $500 deposit, and losing all of that money (plus years of your life). Why? Because you chose the wrong coaching money path for you!

Or imagine spending months writing a book, only to realize it’ll never be enough income to pay your rent in the short term.

Or imagine endlessly stressing over what to choose: Private coaching, or group coaching? You can’t seem to make a decision, and therefore you end up helping *no one.* UGH.

Money Paths is the antidote to all of that!

Get real information that you can use right away to help you make smart financial decisions about your business. (You know, the kind that actually make you money!)

Remember: If you can’t support your clients, then you can’t support yourself.


Here’s What’s Covered

Long story short: The 6 most practical Money Paths

Private Coaching: You’ll get information other coaches won’t share, an understanding of how to price your coaching, what to do first (it’s not registering your logo) and the strategy on if this money path is for you.

Group Coaching: Ever wondered how much you can make coaching groups, and why it’s a different business model than private coaching? You’ll learn all of that PLUS what tools to use (and what you absolutely must avoid if you want to make any money leading groups).

Writing a Book: Who doesn’t want to be an author? The credibility, market reach, and chance to codify your teachings is a wonderful opportunity. But did you know that the book writing isn’t even the beginning of what you need to think about? Plus, can you really live on a book? (Answer: *maybe*).

Retreats: Who *doesn’t* want to take an awesome paid vacation with their business? But retreats have some big pitfalls and there’s more to running a successful retreat than you might think. Learn if this money path is truly right for you, before you write a deposit for that swanky hotel…and then don’t get enough people to sign up!

Online DIY Programs: Making money while you sleep sounds AMAZING. BUT don’t get swept up into the hullaballoo until you are sure that you’ve got the infrastructure and interest to see it through. We’ll tell you *exactly* what you need to know to help you decide if this money path is right for you!

Partner Programs: Can you *really* make money without having your own coaching product or program? It’s 100% possible! But you need to weigh this money path carefully, because done wrong it can ruin your reputation.

All of this and more is inside waiting for you!


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