Money & Montana: A Hood Love Story 1-4 Boxset

Written by Chrissy J.

This Is A Re-Release! First 2 Chapters of part 5 is in the back of the book…..

Money is the boss of the Get Money Mafia. He’s trying to stay afloat and run his empire alongside his mentor, Grant, when he happens to stumble across Montana. Neither of them are looking for love, but once they cross paths they become inseparable.
Montana King is living the life that every girl dreams of until her dad is arrested by the Feds. Forced to move out of Atlanta and relocate to New York City with her uncle, Montana has no choice, but to leave everything and everybody she once knew.
Little does Money know, but Montana has a few secrets of her own that could cause a shift in Money’s life. Will Money and Montana’s love be able to survive all the secrets that surround them? Or, will it cause them both to meet an untimely fate?
Chrissy J Presents Money & Montana the collection, written by #1 America American Amazon bestselling author Chrissy J, join us as we take you an unforgettable experience in this hot urban romance classic.


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