Molly (Women & War Book 3)

Written by Ellie Keaton

Molly wants to fight Hitler by using her skills as a pilot. But the USA says no to female pilots.

America is at war and Molly, a qualified pilot, is determined to use her skills in the air against the Nazis. The American Air Force isn’t ready to admit female pilots just yet but the British are desperate for pilots following their devastating losses in the Battle of Britain.

Travelling to England means crossing the Atlantic – a journey filled with peril as the German U-boats patrol these waters. Determined to fly, Molly and her friends cross the sea to fulfil their dream only to find the cost of the trip is much higher than Molly ever imagined.

“Molly” is a standalone book. It is part of the series “Women & War.” These books can be read in any order.


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