Miss Moseley the Matchmaker

Written by Caylen McQueen
Category: · Romance

She might be a spinster, but no one knows love better than Molly Moseley. Her unrivaled eye for romance has led many couples toward their happy endings. Molly prides herself on being a remarkable matchmaker… until Lord Rocksavage asks for an impossible favor.

Molly and Lord Rocksavage have been friends since childhood, but there is something he doesn’t know: she is secretly in love with him. When he asks Molly to play matchmaker for him, her world is turned upside down. How is she supposed to find a wife for the man she’s loved her entire life?

Her life is further complicated by the arrival of Julian Crawford, a reserved older gentleman who makes her question what she really wants…

Sensuality Level: Sweet
Length: 36,000 words (novella)


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