Written by Josephine Goldman

It’s the 1960s and seventeen-year-old Rose falls hard for David, a rebel with a criminal record. His bad-boy charm soon overwhelms her…resulting in a shocking pregnancy. Unable to take responsibility for his actions, David joins the Marines and disappears.

Rose tries to stay on track, but life in the Milwaukee projects is tough. Adoption seems like the best choice for both her and her baby—and the hardest decision Rose will ever make.

Times passes. A child grows to an adult. Now twenty years old, Ann never knew why her birth parents gave her up. Did they care? Was she nothing but an inconvenience? The questions were always there, despite being raised in a loving household by caring adoptive parents.

Meanwhile, Ann’s biological mother marries and has two more children. Her deadbeat biological father rises through the military to reach a rank of power and importance. And a mother and child search for each other—neither knowing what emotions their meeting might ignite.

A stirring and emotional debut novel, Misbegotten explores the struggles, joys, and imperfections of a mother and her daughter over thirty remarkable years.


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