Minimalist Budget: Spend Less and Live More with a Minimalist Lifestyle

Written by Addison Fenn
Category: · Business & Money

Excerpt from the Introduction of the book:

A lot of people think that they don’t have enough – whether it is enough wealth, enough cash, or enough possessions – but they are wrong. Often times, the problem is that you have too much. But you don’t realize it. You don’t realize it because you are crowded by all your thoughts, your possessions, and by what society and commercialism want you to think.

Enter minimalism and the philosophy that less is more. As an answer to consumerism and endless consumption, minimalism tries to strip what is unnecessary and only keep the essentials. Many individuals convert to minimalism to simplify their lives. Possessions get thrown out and emotional attachments are severed so that minimalists get the clarity they need to realize what is truly important in their lives.

With a middle class that is gradually becoming smaller, more and more individuals are struggling to make ends meet. Like possessions, money is slowly taking control of people’s lives. You work for your money, literally and figuratively. You work for money like money is your boss. But is money truly that important? Why does this manmade invention hold so much power over mankind? Can you apply the philosophies of minimalism and claim that less money is enough money?


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