Mime Lung Music Festival

Written by Jeffrey A. Brick

This mime has a lot to say…

Jeffrey A. Brick sets out on an adventure to transform not only his life, but also the lives of those around him.  With a career in healthcare, and the Marketplace soon to open, Jeffrey decides it’s now or never.  A strange dream about a talented and bookish musician draws him into a creative infatuation.  His fascination catapults past desire, giving Jeffrey the muse he’s always needed for the mime within.  

These moments in time through the heart of the 2010’s lead to a fictional future where his wildest dream has come true, but there’s a ghost in the post-modernist-machine. 

Half memoir, half sci-fi epic, Mime Lung Music Festival is a reality-bending voyage and a must for fans of cinema, electronica, sci-fi, and anyone who has hoped for love.


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