Microstock Magic: How To Sell Your Photos Online. (A Beginner’s Guide)

Written by Ankit Neerav

Create A Recurring Income Stream for Life with Microstock Magic! (Amazon Bestseller)

Now loved by hundreds of readers worldwide, Microstock Magic shows you exactly how to sell your photographs online (and sell the same ones over and over again legally!).

“…This book was a real find… The Ten Golden Rules for Photographers was brilliant! ”
– Nancy Hendrickson (Amazon Review)

“Most advertisements online give you an unrealistic idea of Microstock and makes it sound as if you can make money easily with little effort. Ankit explains this process in laymen’s terms with excellent examples. A must read for starting microstock photography… “
– Michael Bowen (Amazon Review)

It is a Complete Guide to selling photographs online and is designed to provide a jump-start to newbies.

Here is a list of chapters in the book:

1. The first chapter is an Introduction and introduces the reader to the working of the online photo-selling industry.

2. The second chapter provides the detailed reviews of the top places to sell one’s photos online. The top five are reviewed in detail and the names of the top ten are also provided.

3. The third chapter talks about the common reasons why some photographs are rejected by these sites and the solutions to these problems.

4. The fourth chapters gives the Ten Golden Rules that all photographers must follow to achieve success in the long run.

5. The fifth chapter is a Bonus and explains the “Ninja Strategy” used by the author to get more sales for your photographs.

6. The sixth chapter is again a Bonus and shows you how to build Killer Facebook Pages. It can not only be used to build an attractive photographer’s profile but for any Facebook page you may want to build.

“Nicely written and greatly informational… Beginner photographers will definitely benefit a lot from it… a great job by the writer…”
– Anish (Amazon Review)


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