Mental Toughness: A Complete Guide To Developing An Unbeatable Mind To Performance Exellence And Perfect Decisions (Mental Toughness Series Book 2)

Written by Robert Parkes
Category: · Business & Money

Do you feel overwhelmed when you are doing important things? Do you want to unleash your full potential? Do you want to develop the right mindset to accoplish all your goals?

Mental Toughness holds a top-five slot on the most sought-after job skills. Employers want to hire people who can handle pressure and think outside the box. And while adding mental discipline to your list of skills will indeed make you more marketable, that is not all it’s good for: it is also a skill that everyone needs in our daily lives. Surviving in the information age, with constant input from countless sources, can overwhelm and confuse people, but by finding the few hidden kernels of truth in the truckload of data that is our world today, an high performer can assess and process information to draw accurate conclusions.

This book guides you through the components of Mental Toughness with practical exercises to learn each step. Make no mistake—you can learn how to use your mind. With some time, repetition, and effort, you too can become a super elite performer! Your colleagues, family, and friends will be amazed by your new abilities!

These pages contain everything you need to get started on building your mental toughness expertise.

Here is what you will learn if you follow the steps:

• Learn what accurate thinking is and how to apply it;

• Perform under pressure;

• Get the low-down on logic with simple explanations and real-life examples;

• Use self talk;

• Strengthen you mind;

• Overcome your emotions;

• Put the pieces together using problem-solving models with step by step instructions;

• Channel your inner Sherlock and hone your powers of observation and deduction;

• Break through your mind’s barriers with imagination and visualization exercises;

• Hit the pause button with a guided meditation exclusively for the best performers.

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