Meal Prep Cookbook: Beginners Guide to Meal Prepping (Weight Loss, Low Carb diet ,Clean eating, Meal Prep Cookbook, Batch Cooking, Plan ahead meals)

Written by Steve Cage

Meal Preparation is a concept where individuals plan and prepare meals based on their lifestyle, body goals and weight goals. When we talk about planning meals it means designing portions and organizing your grocery for a fixed number of days.Usually, people who follow a weekly meal prep pattern get everything set on Sundays, right from sorting their ingredient list to getting it from the mart to making and storing their foods.This idea works best for individuals who have a hectic schedule or who are on a fitness regime.

Meal preparation allows you to stay focused on being healthy and eating meals that are homecooked and nutritious. Of course, you do not want to dig a hole in your pocket by paying for junk foods and/or the doctor’s bills.

This book, Meal Preparation is a comprehensive foodlogue that will help you kickstart your prep journey.

Steve takes you through the initial steps of choosing the right ingredients for your meals, its tools and utensils and getting started. He also states its multifariousness which will strengthen your will to choose this kind of a set up. And, wait, we are not done yet. He also shares with you 50 healthy recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along with some snacks and beverages for the love of your tummy.
So, are you ready to flip your meal routine a 360 and painlessly prepare for yourself some nutrilicious food? Right! So, let’s get started.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • What is Meal Prep
  • Benefits of Meal Prepping
  • Tools or utensils you need to meal prep
  • Ingredients for meal prep
  • How and when to Meal Prep for week
  • Getting started with Meal Prep
  • Breakfast, Healthy Lunch, Healthy Dinner, Healthy Snacks
  • And more…..

Check out some of the testimonials below:

“This book taught me the process of meal prepping as I don’t have any inkling on the shelf life of a freezer meal. Meal prepping is indeed a good idea for a busy person like myself as it is tiresome to cook after work and I can also control the portion of my meal as I would just eat the size that’s reheated.I think this book is a good guide.”

“This Meal Prep Cookbook will surely be used extensively in my kitchen. It has given me new ideas that I’m excited to give a try. What I appreciate more is that it has given the tools or utensils I’ll also need to meal prep. So yes, a good one.”

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