Meal Planning on a Budget: Save Money on Groceries, Master Meal Prep, & Reduce Food Waste to Reach Financial Freedom

Written by Jen Smith
Category: · Business & Money

Are you struggling to lower your spending on food? Are you tired of entering the grocery store only to leave with food you’ll eventually throw away? Do you want to finally get your food budget under control?

No matter how busy your schedule is or what grocery store options you have, you can tighten your grocery budget and achieve your financial goals faster.

Across the board, our spending on food is second only to housing. Whether you want to pay off debt, become financially independent, or have more money to travel, minimizing your spending on food is the single most effective way to increase your disposable income.

From Jen Smith, Amazon best selling author of The No-Spend Challenge Guide and creator of the debt-freedom blog Saving with Spunk, comes Meal Planning on a Budget, a beginner’s guide to easy meal planning, weekend meal prep, simple techniques for saving money on groceries, and how to reduce food waste.

This book will teach you:

  • How to assemble a simple meal plan
  • advanced techniques for meal planning weeks at a time
  • the most effective ways to save money and time at the grocery store
  • How to do weekend meal prep that will increase the likelihood of fitting cooking into a busy schedule
  • How to store your food to preserve it’s freshness
  • Tips for reducing food waste to keep your hard earned money out of the garbage

This information will give you the confidence to cook more, eat out less, and make eating at home a habit you actually like. You’ll find joy in eating less unhealthy fast food, more variety in cuisine, and cultivating new skills in the kitchen.

If you want 2018 to be the year your eating aligns with (and advances) your financial goals then scroll up and click Buy Now to begin your meal planning master journey. 


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