Masters At Arms Series – Volume Two (Masters At Arms Boxed Sets Book 2)

Written by Jennifer Blake
Category: · Romance

The notorious swordsmen of New Orleans—charming by day, dangerous at night…

They are the pride—and scourge—of New Orleans: a dashing fraternity of master swordsmen whose infamy is matched only by their skill in battle, their allegiance to each other and their passion for the women they love. At ease making life-and-death decisions between breaths, their exploits in the boudoir are as infamous as those on the dueling field.

Bold, seductive and thrilling, the Masters At Arms series is swashbuckling romance at its finest by RWA Hall of Famer—and holder of RWA’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Romantic Times’ Career Achievement Award—Jennifer Blake.

Volume Two includes Books 4-6:

Swordmaster Gavin, consenting to Ariadne’s request to teach her how to kill a man, proves intelligent as well as strong. Their lessons by candlelight are physically and emotionally intense, a duel of hearts and minds. As tempers and passions rise, they draw closer to the secret that brought them together, and to the common foe who lurks nearby.

To find the murderer he’s sworn to kill, swordmaster Kerr Wallace hires on to escort the man’s fiancée to Mexico to meet her groom. Sonia despises the overbearing Kentuckian who’ll make it impossible to avoid the arranged marriage she dreads. But when their ship is attacked, they must join forces—and choose between love and vengeance to survive.

When a turn of the cards lands River’s Edge Plantation in Christien’s hands, he agrees to let lovely widow Reine, her irresponsible father and her young daughter remain—if the lady becomes his wife. But the secrets and dangerous events that swirl around the coming wedding threaten to tear them all apart.


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