Master Photo Shutter Speed (On Target Photo Training Book 3)

Written by Dan Eitreim
Category: · Arts & Photography

Master Photo Shutter Speed!

Using the incorrect shutter speed is by far one of the easiest and most common ways to destroy an otherwise stunning photo!

By the time you’ve finished going through this quick and easy e-book, you will know how to avoid blurry pictures due to camera shake – without a tripod!
PLUS you will discover the three primary ways to use shutter speed to show movement!
What’s more, you will instantly know which one is best for YOUR photo!

Here is a taste of what is included:

  • Introduction: In this section we briefly review what was covered in the On Target Photo Training: Volume 2 – Master Photo Exposure
  • Shutter Speed – Increased Creative Options: Here we cover the various creative options that open up for us once we understand the various ways in which the shutter controls motion. Your photos will finally reflect the artistic visions you have for them!
  • The Garden Hose – Here is the easiest description of shutter speed, plus how and when to manipulate it that you are likely to ever run across.
  • How The System Came To Be – Find out how the halving and doubling system came to be and how it works.
  • Available Shutter Speeds – If you leave your camera on automatic, you will have no creative options AT ALL! It will select the slowest speed that will let you shoot without camera shake. This is rarely – if ever – the best option! Learn what to do.
  • Photo Exercise – Here is where the rubber meets the road. Take the theory and make it real!
  • Advanced Study – Here are some fun things you can do that will have you controlling your shutter speed better than 90% of all the professionals out there – FAST!
  • And more…And more…And more…
  • You are only minutes away from mastering your camera’s shutter speed! Try it…you’ll never look back.

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