Master Photo Lighting… Hard Light! (On Target Photo Training Book 7)

Written by Dan Eitreim
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Master Photo Lighting… Hard Light!

Revised addition!

Here in Volume 7 of the “On Target Photo Training” series we are concerned with hard light and how to shape it to get some pretty stunning results!

For most of us, the sun is our primary light source. Unless it is hidden behind a bank of clouds, it is a hard light source. Learning how to work with hard light is vital to our progression as photographers!

Once you are comfortable with working and shaping hard light, life gets pretty exciting… you can control your viewers emotions at will.

It’s when you start putting emotion into your photography that you stop creating “snapshots” and start making “art.”

Here is the table of contents to show you SOME of what is included…


  • Introduction
  • Ambient Light
  • Ambient Light Defined
  • Light Qualities
  • Hard Light
  • Hard Light Defined
  • Light Quality
  • Control Viewer Emotions
  • Light Angles Matter
  • Photo Exercise 1
  • Light Shaping
  • Barn Doors
  • The Snoot
  • Making Your Light Bigger
  • Flags, Dots And Fingers
  • Cookies and Gobos
  • Photo Exercise 2
  • Additional Photo Training
  • First we review some lighting concepts regarding Ambient light. ambient light can be hard or soft and learning to work with it is vital.

    Hard Light: Then we discuss what hard light is and some of the situations where we might find it being used.

    Control Viewer Emotions: How hard light is used to elicit and control emotion in our photos.

    Light Angles Matter: With hard light, the angle of the light is a key consideration. Shoot at the wrong angle and you could create a portrait that will absolutely be hated… and possibly create an enemy for life.

    Shoot at the right angle and you may see your work on the wall of a gallery someday!

    Light Shaping – Cookies, Snoots, Flags Fingers & Dots: Do you know what “Flags”, “Fingers”, “Dots”, “Cookies”, “Gobos” and “Snoots” are?

    You will in an hour or so after getting this volume of the “On Target Photo Training” series. Not only will you know what they are, but you will know how and when to use them!

    Check out this easy to read – illustrated and easy to understand volume. You’ll be glad you’ve added it to your collection!


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