Marilyn Monroe: The Defiant Broad Disguised as a Dumb Blonde (BiographyIn60)

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Marilyn Monroe was famous for playing naïve, “dumb blonde” film characters, but she herself was anything but that. Born to a psychologically unstable mother, she was passed between foster families and orphanages, and was molested on more than one occasion. She married at age 16 to escape this cycle, and while her first husband was deployed, she began to make a name for herself as a pin-up model. From there, Monroe’s career in modeling and film took off, culminating in her establishing her own production company: Marilyn Monroe Productions. While she did everything she could to escape the circumstances of her youth, her family’s predisposition to mental illness caught up to her at the end of her life; this biography of Monroe’s personal and professional life reveals the resilient broad behind the winking blonde.


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