Malcolm (Book 1, The Redemption Series) (Fallen Angel Romance)

Written by S.J. West

On the night Anna was born, she was promptly sent away from the down-world to live in the cloud city of Cirrus. That very same night her future was decided for her when she became betrothed to Crown Prince Augustus Amador. For twenty-one years, she has lived as Lady Anna, future Empress of Cirrus and proud daughter of Andre Greco. Although Anna’s destiny seemed laid out for her, fate intervenes to reveal the true path she was always meant to take. With the unexpected arrival of Malcolm Devereaux into her world, Anna knows without a shadow of a doubt that she has finally been reunited with the missing piece of her soul. Chaos and turmoil soon turn Anna’s once docile life upside down, but she knows with Malcolm by her side she can accomplish the mission she was born to undertake. Not only must Anna fight against the princes of Hell, but she must also find a way to help Malcolm stop living in the past so they can have a chance at a future.

Reading Order of Watcher Books by Series:

The Watchers Trilogy: Cursed, Blessed, Forgiven

The Watcher Chronicles: Broken, Kindred, Oblivion, Ascension

Caylin’s Story: Timeless, Devoted

Aiden’s Story

Alternate Earth Series: Cataclysm, Uprising, Judgment

The Redemption Series: Malcolm, Anna, Lucifer, Redemption

The Dominion Series: Awakening, Reckoning (Spring 2016)


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