Looking for Leon

Written by Shirley Benton

What would you do to find the one that got away?

Andie hadn’t gambled on meeting the love of her life on a holiday in Las Vegas – but when she meets Leon, love suddenly seems like a bet she can win. That is, until the wheel of fortune steps in and separates them during a fire drill. With next to no info on Leon, Andie finds it impossible to track him down – despite staging a series of publicity stunts to get the media in on the act.

Back in Ireland, journalist Andie begins to write a regular newspaper column about her search. Readers love it and a local TV station flies her back to Vegas to take up the hunt for the man she can’t forget.

What starts off as a simple low-budget documentary spirals into a frenzied national media search. With the world’s most ambitious PR agent on board, Andie becomes a heroine for those who are looking for love.

But does Leon want to be found?


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