Long Term Person, Short Term World: How to Manage Time, Tasks, and Texts: Methods for Living an Ambitious, Authentic, Unapologetic Life: Goal Management and Personal Productivity in the Modern World

Written by Michael Motta
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A Long Term Person actively resists the gravitational pull of the Short Term World. A Long Term Person gets things done on their own terms.

This book shows you how.

Unless we align our day-to-day actions with the year-to-year person we want to be, we will not become that person.

I don’t want regret to be among my feelings when I’m on death’s door. I bet you don’t either.

There are countless books and Google-able articles about how to be a long term person—how to be more efficient, set goals, achieve goals, manage time and tasks, write to-do lists, etc., etc. If you read them, and if you do what they say, you’ll probably become more productive—

but only in the time you have remaining.

To read those books and articles, to think about them, to try them out—all of that takes up too much time.

You need that time to go out into the world and do the stuff you want to do.

That’s why I wrote this book.

I want it to be the last productivity / task management / time management book you ever read, and I want it to be the last such book I ever write. I want both of us to get on with our lives.

One book, built on the shoulders of all those other books and articles, which helps you align your short term and long term.

I’m pretty sure this system will work for anyone. Not because it’s One Size Fits All (nothing is!), but because it’s flexible and customizable to your life and your goals, and because it is built to last. It is built to withstand your inevitable procrastination and the various problems life will throw our way.

In 15 “exceptionally written and organized” and “refreshingly honest” chapters, I describe:

  • simple strategies for deciding what to do and when to do it to maximize your productivity and sanity;

  • how to maintain progress on projects despite knocks on the door, pulls on your sleeve, and people who expect us to be on-demand;

  • how to conceptualize goals in a way that makes them immune to failure; and ultimately

  • how to balance it all, our goals, our families, our obligations… and our group texts.

In other words: how to be a LONG TERM PERSON in a SHORT TERM WORLD.

The free sample is the book’s Introduction. I invite you to check it out. Recent reviews are below.

You can reach me on Twitter or Medium @mjmottajr, or at my website mjmottajr.com.

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“This book is exceptionally written and organized, with loads of helpful resources… Kudos to this author for not only going against the grain but also for educating others on how to do the same!” —Sonja Smith Jones, author of Honor The Dash

“Refreshingly honest.” —Zachary Sexton, productivity strategist and host of Able Business Radio


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