Little Music Lessons for Kids: Lesson 4 – Learning the Space Musical Notes: The Story of Musical Notes from the Beauty Salon

Written by Tatiana Bandurina
Category: · Arts & Photography

This is the fourth lesson from the series “Little Music Lessons for Kids” where you can help your child to learn the space musical notes fast and easy.
Four musical notes like to meet in a beauty salon every day. Day by day, these musical notes spend their time painting their eyelashes, lips, cheeks and eyebrows.

Suddenly, one of the notes reads an ad on a truck. From this ad, she finds out about free apartments available in the musical house. The beauty-note jumps out of the salon and runs to the treble staff; the other three musical notes follow her.

But here is the bad news: All the apartments are already full! The beauty-notes come up with an original idea and finally get their new apartments. Your child must hear this story!


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