Lincoln’s Story: The Wayfarer

Written by Vel

“I would never presume to know God’s will or speak God’s words.”—Abraham Lincoln.
Lincoln’s Story: The wayfarer sets out to answer many questions surrounding Abraham Lincoln and history.
*Who is the Great Emancipator?
* Did Lincoln believe in God?
*Did he look for a sign when he was desperate?
*Did he follow the Divine Will?
*What was the necessity for two Emancipation Proclamations?
*What was the root cause of the Civil War?
*Could the Civil War be avoided?
*Could the slaves be freed without war as British had done?
* Who were responsible for the Lost Cause?
Lincoln’s Story: The Wayfarer is a biography all about Lincoln and an outline of the Civil War in a nutshell. Reading it is like drinking from a fire-hose.



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