Lightning Fast Guitar Chord Changes: 6 steps to rapidly improve the speed of your fingers

Written by Dan Thorpe
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Do you struggle to make simple chords changes?

Does it frustrate you trying to change from C to G?

Do you watch other guitarists in awe and think why can`t I do that?

Do you want some help to reduce the time it takes for you to master your changes?

We have all been there. Trying to get good at changing between chords can feel like banging your head against a brick wall.

The first major obstacle that most guitarists reach is this – the difficulty of changing between simple chords.

Do not worry – `Lightning Fast Guitar Chord Changes` has the solution.

6 powerful steps to help you master the `dark arts` of changing chords.

-Learn how to apply these techniques to all your chord changes.

-Finally be able to play songs without those annoying little stops between chord changes

-Impress your friends with your fluency and new found guitar skills

WARNING: This book is all killer and no filler


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