Let’s Dig In!: Finally a Cookbook Honoring Cheese

Written by Daniel Humphreys

If you love cheese as much as I do, you must be extremely excited to open up this book and discover some amazing and tasty cheese recipes.

I grew up with a father who just simply loved anything that came from the deli: deli meats, breads, cheeses, fish spreads, and more. I opened the fridge as a young girl and there was always at least one intriguing piece of cheese staring at me: brie, Munster, Camembert, blue cheese, Havarti, Swiss, and many more. As a daddy’s girl, I had no resistance into tasting every single one of them. Blue cheese back then wasn’t my favorite, but that’s quite normal for a kid.

Now, though, I can’t think of any cheeses I do not like. This cheese cookbook is very special, because it does include 25 of my favorite recipes ever- some borrowed from my mother, some from my aunts, my friends, and even one from my neighbor.

Enjoy every single one!


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