Leonard The Clever Lion: Help your child conquer his fears (early readers,toddler books 3-5)

Written by Leela Hope

A story about a brainy lion for children’s of all ages to enjoy.

Are you or your children afraid to stand up and be heard?
Are you or your kids struggling with self confidence?

Leonard the Clever Lion is worried that he is not as good as his brother Larry.

Leonard is not as handsome, and not as strong as his brother,

but using his brain and his caring heart he solves the problems of the other jungle

animals and they elect him the new King of the Jungle.

Watch Leonard conquer his fears and help his friends.

See the story unfolds with vivid illustrations and told through rhyming verse.

Learn what it takes to be a really good lion.

This Children’s book is relatable for kids of any age.


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