Leadership Interrupted: daily inspiration to become the leader you were meant to be

Written by Kevin DeShazo
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Leadership Interrupted is full of practical, powerful insights to help you become a better leader-no matter what your title is. The great news is you can start today!” 
Jon Gordon, best-selling author of The Power or Positive Leadership

“You’re too busy to not read this book. It will give you the courage to lead and create and connect with what truly matters. Don’t miss it.” 
Jeff Goins, best-selling author of The Art of Work

BOOK DESCRIPTION: You’re busy. Your calendar is filled with meetings and to-do lists and projects and more meetings. You received 10 new emails while reading this. And you have soccer practice and meet the teacher night and a dozen other things. 

You want to be a great leader but you don’t know how to take the first step and you feel like you don’t have enough time. You want to be positive but you’re stressed out. You’ve read every leadership hack you can find but you’re still stuck. The good news? You can be that leader and you do have the time

In this book you will get daily inspiration, often in less than five minutes, to challenge your thinking, reshape your perspective and get rid of your ego. This book will be your leadership guide to help you learn to lead yourself and become a leader worth following. 

Leadership Interrupted is for the CEO, the head coach, the sales manager, the HR coordinator, the receptionist, the new grad, the maintenance crew, the intern. Leadership is for everyone.

365 days of leadership inspiration and challenge. If you don’t want to become a great leader, go back to your inbox. If you do, buy this book and let your leadership journey begin today. 


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