Leadership Coaching: 101 Strategies for the Coach and the Coaching Client to Becoming a True Leader

Written by Randy Wayne
Category: · Business & Money

Discover the Full Potential within yourself by understanding the Laws of Leadership! 

This book is about developing the skills of leadership to inspire yourself and others to be their best and reach their highest personal potential. Whether you are an already established individual who has seen a great deal of leadership success already in your life, or someone who is getting back on their feet after some major setbacks in your family or career, or somewhere in-between, where you feel you are doing “fine” but want to learn new strategies to become a breakout leader in all of your personal and professional relationships.

Who should read this book?

  • If you are a person who wants to know the general skills of leadership.

  • If you are a coach who wants some advanced strategies for himself or herself.

  • If you are a coach who is looking for strategies for his or her client on how to become better leaders.

You will learn 101 strategies and techniques to reach your creative potential whether it is for yourself or for others. This book also focusses on the model of coaching as a special form of leadership. The qualities of a world-class coach can be applied to all industries, professions, and settings. You will see how you yourself can apply the leadership principles of coaching to bring great joy and success.


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