Lakeside and Tide: Inspiration For Living Your Best Life Now

Written by Jimmy Tomczak

What if you dared to answer the most important questions you can ask in life? This book takes you on a daily adventure to know yourself and the path of discovery for finding the answers you desire.

Lakeside and Tide is a book about turning desire into action because inspiration is about results. Self-defined success comes from committing to doing what matters with the people who matter most. In the book, author Jimmy Tomczak shares stories, poetry, and personal growth advice while living the highs and lows of life as a founder, inventor, and entrepreneur.

Ten chapters cover everything from life and love, to business and spirituality. They are broken down into bite-size sections and set to the compelling metaphor of water and waves, reflecting cycles of abundance in the human condition. The end of each vignette includes a call-to-action: a meditation, an ask, or a journal prompt for writing and taking action now. Jimmy shares truths, both dark and light, with rare rawness: forgiveness alongside desire, money juxtaposed with love, and passion preceding the grey of the day-to-day.

Lakeside and Tide is a coach; you are your own best teacher. You have the power to embrace life’s contrasting extremes. You can challenge yourself to live richly today, returning to the elemental ideals of people, place, and a peaceful sense of home.

Jimmy’s book about inspiring in the moment is memoir meets metaphysics. It’s self-help for those who are self-led. It’s quotes of the day expanded into a daily guide for greatness. Practice opening to any page to get exactly what you need in the present, or read cover to cover realizing that the today is the best time to feel alive.


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