Kung Fu Kellie and the Legend of Anguo

Written by A.H. Shinn
Category: · Children’s Books

A baby girl is discovered by a Chinese monk in the strangest place. After being unclaimed for some time, the Taiping monks decide to take her in and raise her as their own. The young girl loves her unconventional life at the monastery, studying everything from botany to kung fu, but one day, she is swept away and has to start a new life in another country with one of the monks, Master Chen. Kellie Wei adapts well to the American life until she learns the secrets that have been kept from her. Once she discovers that the monks at Taiping Monastery are in danger, and possibly because of her, she secretly travels back to China. Her two loyal friends, Jake Russo and Jory Stevens, don’t take “no” for an answer and help her along her journey. The three adventurers discover a world they could have never imagined and Kellie encounters an enemy she didn’t know she had.


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