Knitting: Knit and Purl Texture in Knitting A Beginners Guide to Texture with Knit and Purl Stitches

Written by Violet Henderson
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Includes 1 Free Bonus Book: Granny Square Basics

In her latest book, Knit and Purl Texture for Knitting, Violet Henderson teaches you the basics of knitting and how to use simple knit and purl stitches to create lovely textures in your projects. First Violet teaches you about yarn and the different types of knitting needles and equipment you’ll need to get started. She provides a handy table you can use to choose the right weight and type of yarn for your projects. She also guides you through understanding a yarn label and the symbols yarn manufacturers use today.

Next she moves onto a complete tutorial on basic knitting stitches and techniques. In this section you will learn how to:

•Knit Stitch
•Purl Stitch
•Cast On
•Bind Off
•Yarn Over
•Knit 2 Together
•How to Change Colors
•How to Pick Up a Dropped Stitch
•How to Weave in Tails

Each section includes easy to understand instructions and large clear images. Violet’s laid back easy to understand style is just like having your own personal knitting instructor sitting beside you as you learn.

Once you have the basics of knitting down, Violet then moves on to using knit and purl stitches to create texture. She teaches you the basic stockinet and garter stitches and how to use them to frame your projects, as well as the eyelet and drop stitches which can be used to create interesting and fun textures and patterns in your knitting projects. This section also includes easy to understand written instructions and large clear images.
Finally Violet shares four patterns for you to practice your new skills. These include a basket weave dishcloth, drop stitch scarf, seed stitch square, and eyelet scarf. These patterns are written for beginners, but more advanced knitters will enjoy the fun of using simple stitches to create texture and interest.

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